Dental care is an often overlooked component of pet health and wellness. While regular brushing at home can help keep your pet’s teeth clean, they may still need professional dental cleanings to remain healthy. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the signs that your pup needs a dental checkup so you can ensure their oral health is in top shape. Here are some things you should look for that could indicate a problem:

Bad Breath

One of the most obvious warning signs that something is wrong with your dog’s oral health is if they have unusually bad breath. Dogs’ mouths naturally contain bacteria, but when this bacteria multiplies faster than normal it can lead to an unpleasant smell from their mouth. If your dog’s breath is consistently smelly, it could be a sign of underlying medical problems like gum disease or tooth decay.

Trouble Eating

If you notice that your pup has trouble eating food or shows signs of pain while trying to chew on treats or bones, it could be an indication that something is wrong with their teeth or gums. It’s best to have them examined by a veterinarian right away as these signs could indicate infection, infection-caused damage, gum disease or cavities.

Excessive Drooling

Excessive drooling can also be indicative of dental issues like cavities or infections. If the drool seems abnormally thick and foamy, then this could mean that there is inflammation in the mouth which needs to be attended to immediately by a vet. Inflammation can lead to more serious medical problems such as abscesses if left untreated for too long so make sure to seek veterinary help right away if this symptom persists in your pup!

Swelling Around The Jaw Or Face

Swelling around the jaw or face area can indicate various different types of issues such as facial fractures or cracked teeth; however, it can also point towards periodontal disease which affects the gums and bones supporting the teeth. Not only does periodontal disease cause pain when chewing but left unchecked it will likely result in tooth loss eventually – so make sure to get your pup checked out by a vet as soon as possible if they show any swelling near their jawline!

Discolored Teeth

Your pup’s teeth should usually appear white and healthy looking; however, discoloration can occur due to staining from food and drinks (like coffee!). If you notice any discoloration on their teeth (or darkened tartar buildup on their gums) then this could mean there is an underlying issue with their dental health – such as plaque buildup leading up to gum disease or cavities developing due to decay – and should always be addressed professionally for treatment purposes!

Bleeding Gums

Healthy gums should not bleed when touched lightly; however, redness along with inflammation accompanied by bleeding when touched could point towards severe periodontal disease that needs immediate attention from a veterinarian before more permanent damage occurs inside your pup’s mouth!

Loss Of Appetite & Weight Loss

Oral health problems such as infections and abscesses are known for causing loss of appetite in animals because eating becomes difficult with pain associated with these conditions. If your pup stops wanting to eat regularly and/or begins losing weight suddenly then make sure you take them into the vet right away since this combination of symptoms usually indicates some type of acute oral condition or other medical issue which needs quick intervention before it gets worse!

By paying close attention to these warning signs you will greatly improve chances of preventing more serious problems down the line while keeping your pet happy and healthy all year round. And remember – even if none of these indicators seem present in your pup anytime soon doesn’t mean they don’t need regular preventive checkups every 6-12 months because dental issues don’t always manifest through symptoms until significant damage has already been done internally!

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